The Lion King Hero

I love the Lion King and you must also! It has so many great heroes and they are just like my hero. My heroes are my parents and they are just like Mufasa. My parents keep people safe at their job and keep us safe and put us on the right path. In the Lion King Mufasa leads Simba through his journey of being a child and so does my parents. My parents are warm hearted just like Pumbaa and Timon. My parents love me very much and Pumbaa and Timon grow to love Simba a lot also. When They Except  Simba after he was going to leave his kingdom, they bring him to happiness. They third and final reason my heroes are my heroes are because they are hard working. They make sure to take care of me when i’m sick or not doing something right. For example Mufasa works very hard to keep his kingdom straight and very well behaved. My heroes do so much for me and I’m very thankful!

Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Yes,  What I think that what you post Social Media should be means if you get kicked out of extra curricular activities. People post mean things on social media all of the time and don’t get yelled at it for it. “The day after a sixth grader from Harlem drowned  in the Atlantic Ocean  on a class outing, a fifth-grade teacher in Brooklyn posted some rather impolitic comments  about her own student on Facebook” Andy Newman writes on Teacher’s Facebook Post didn’t Warrant Firing, a Panel Upholds. People need consequences in this generation because you can’ yell at someone or they cry. Even at school your not allowed to whip kids anymore because it is apparently bad for there minds. Finally, kids need to be more responsible in what they post. For instance like thinking before they post on social media. People need to think before they post and all mean things would stop!

In my future…


             I love to travel places. What about you? I have not been to many places outside of the USA but I’d love to travel more. I would love to travel to Europe. Europe is so beautiful and there are so many places to travel. For instance I would like to go to Kraków, Poland. They have so many beautiful places to travel. Including the Krakow cloth museum which is a  market hall with arts.

           I’d also like to travel to Sydney,Australia. I would love to see the different seasons and how they are so different from ours. In Sydney they have  Boni beach which is a beautiful beach. It has streets cafes and it is a great surfing place. Sydney is in the Southern hemisphere close to the south pole. They are a day ahead of us. From where I am it is a a 21 hour and 19 minute plane ride.

They last place I would like to travel is Germany. My family background is mostly German with most of my grandparents from there. I would love to go there and travel the whole country. If I had to choose one place to go in Germany it would be Berlin because they have so many museums an places to visit. It is also Germany’s capitol so I would love to visit and learn about its history. Where would you like to travel?

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20% Acomplishements

              Addison and I have made multiple accomplishments in this 20% project. We have sent two emails to Mrs. Cates, and we are planning to start going over to the elementary school soon. We have finished our flyers and we are going to hang them up soon. We have also contacted Go pantry,the foundation we are donating to. We also have talked about our lesson plans, and have started making them out and getting ideas.

         Our December goals to go over to the elementary school and hang the posters. We hope to contact the principle and get her permission and where we can put the boxes. We also hope that we can get in contact with the people at Go Pantry to see what we can donate. We hope that this project goes out well  and we can help out our community.

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My traditions with my family

Have you ever got to do Secret Santa with your family or friends? Well that’s what my family does. We first eat our food and enjoys time together. After that we pick names for Secret Santa and we give out three things that we are interested in. I love decorating our Christmas tree and setting up lights outside our house. Most of the time I listen to Christmas while putting up decorations. I also love baking cookies and peppermint bark.

What about making everything spooky for Halloween? My mom and I go all out on our house and make it really spooky for the kids who trick or treat at our house. One year we even had a haunted house! We hand out candy and we have a annual Halloween party! We decorate for it and make cool dishes for it. We make witches cauldron drink which is a fruit punch drink with fake eyeballs. We also have a contest for who has the scariest,funniest and scariest costume.

Who loves food! Well I know I love to eat as much as I can on Thanksgiving. We eat a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes. Everyone in my family loves to cook so we get filled up on appetizers even before we have the main dish. I love to play games with my family like Clue or Monopoly. We all have a talent show and show off skills. We have multiple pies that we barely eat because we are so full! We have pumpkin pie, Chocolate pie, and Apple pie and so much more.

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Helping the Hungry


                              My 20% project

For Addison’s and mine PBL project we chose to teach kids at a local school and in return they give us cans to donate Go Pantry.

With that being said I have a lot of mixed emotions through my project. First i’m feeling really exited. I am exited to help kids and make math really fun for them. Also I am exited because we get to give back to the community. I also am feeling very nervous . I am because I feel like we might make a mistake in this journey. I lastly feel very anxious because I just want to get my project started. I just want to go over to a school and teach!

My goals for November:

Addison and I are hoping to get our flyers made for the school to get them notified.We are also hoping to get our other emails sent so we can get this all organized and planed.We are really exited for our project and hopes it works.

See my Visual Aide  for more information.

Sixth grade life

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So you are probably wondering what six graders do in a school day right? Well it starts off in the morning when we do Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is a program that teaches you new languages and how to write, read, and speak that language.  Next we have our four core classes. Each class is about fifty minutes long. We also have PBL, PBL is project based learning class where we basically come up with ideas to help our community .Then we have lunch. We finally get to eat food!  After that we have advisory. Advisory is a period that we get to do all of our homework or ask questions if we don’t understand something. Then we have unified arts, unified arts is a class that we get to do music, P.E,  and art etc. Then its home time. We get out of school at 2:35.

We have about 175 days in our school year, with that said we have about 190 days of free time. We have multiple breaks like spring break, summer break, winter break . Also, at my school we have a lot of extra curricular activities like cheer, volleyball, archery and many others. These sports help to keep kids active. We have class changes, a class change is basically when you have different teachers through out the day. At my school we have seven periods, including a  free period where  most kids like to do there homework /class work.

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about school

More school

Just another place


So you’ve probably been to places in your country,right? But have you hopped on a plane and flew to another one? Well if you think about it you need a lot to take on trips and to travel.Please check out my Powtoon,I worked really hard on this and it is really cool!  Also check out these links that I have included that talk about traveling also.

Best vacations

Travel list

Well when your on your trip on a plane and your ears pop what do you do? Well when i’m on a plane I usually bring gum so when i’m chewing it my ears don’t pop! I would also bring something comfy to lay on,something to wear,and something to sit on.Have you ever been on a plane and your carry on luggage get in the way? Well my advise is to bring something that will fit under the seat, but don’t bother the people behind you. I would bring things that don’t make you bored.For example like I would bring a coloring book or my phone.This way I will be entertained the whole ride there.

If you are going somewhere that it is hot,it is common sense not to bring winter clothes. Same with if it is cold,don’t bring a tank top and shorts! But when you get to the air port you have to be very patient. Don’t even get me started about security first you have to get scanned and see if you have any harmful things,UGH! I’m just telling you right now airport food is amazing,well in my opinion it is.


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Building a snowman

Activity 3:

Maisons typiques, Reitende-Diener Straße, Lunebourg, Basse-Saxe, République Fédérale d'Allemagne. Bernard Blanc via Compfight


This is the Bailey family. They live in the city of Burt wood. It was very bright and everyone was very friendly. Burt wood was a happy place until the Greens moved in. The Greens are a spoiled, rich brats and they care nothing about anyone. Everyone doesn’t like them and try to avoid them. One day, Sara, the daughter went over to the Green’s house and asked if Bella could play.What do you think happened?

Activity 4:


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Spooky Night

Activity 1:      I learned that if you change a few words in a song,book,movie etc. ,that you still can get copy righted. When you use someone’s image then you need to use the URL code. This is because you are giving credit to the person who drew or took the picture. People want credit for something they did. For example recording movies in a movie theater is copy right because you didn’t write that movie. This will help because you don’t want to get into trouble with the laws. You still need to know what is a right thing to copy and what is not. Using others pictures can be bad if you don’t say who did it.


Activity 2 :

Photo Credit 

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The black house swarmed with trees

no one around what will they do?

the house fills will wonder

with gray smoke and clouds


Lights turn on and fill up the house

A deer runs out from the dark trees

What must he be thinking?

Spooks light up the night

Oh how very frightning