Spooky Night

Activity 1:      I learned that if you change a few words in a song,book,movie etc. ,that you still can get copy righted. When you use someone’s image then you need to use the URL code. This is because you are giving credit to the person who drew or took the picture. People want credit for something they did. For example recording movies in a movie theater is copy right because you didn’t write that movie. This will help because you don’t want to get into trouble with the laws. You still need to know what is a right thing to copy and what is not. Using others pictures can be bad if you don’t say who did it.


Activity 2 :

Photo Credit 

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The black house swarmed with trees

no one around what will they do?

the house fills will wonder

with gray smoke and clouds


Lights turn on and fill up the house

A deer runs out from the dark trees

What must he be thinking?

Spooks light up the night

Oh how very frightning




2 thoughts on “Spooky Night

  1. Wow! I loved that poem. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I love how it’s sort of a spooky theme! I mean, who wouldn’t love Halloween?! It’s free candy! Keep up the good work!

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