About Me

 Hello I am Carly and I am very exited for you to read my blog

A- Athletic, I have done many sports including Volleyball,Dance,Soccer and many more.

B-Being a leader is my passion

C- Carly is my name

D- I have one dog, her name is Roxie.

E- I am very energetic, I can run for hours

F- In life I feel like family comes first for comfort

G- I am a good friend,i respect everyone’s feelings

H- I am hilarious,I make everyone laugh

I- I am independent,I can work on my one if I have to

J- My favorite thing to do outside is to jump on the trampoline

K  I am very kind,I am friendly

L-  I can be lazy at times,when I don’t feel like doing much

M- At times I can be moody,but I can calm myself down

N- I am neat,I keep all of my work organized

O- I am outstanding at volleyball,I practice very hard 6 nights a week

P-I love paint with pastel colors

Q-My favorite foods are Quesadillas

S- I have had two surgeries one on my tonsils and one on my thumbs

T- I love to talk

U- I love to play in the rain but only if I have an umbrella

V- Volleyball is my favorite sport

W- Watermelon is my favorite fruit

X-I have had four x-rays in my life, Two for my chest,two for my thumbs

Y-Right now light yellow is my favorite color

Z- My favorite animal is a zebra


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